About the makers of Heads Up: Hold'em

Headlight Software: the company
Headlight Software, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Michael Burford. Products include:

For the iPhone & iPod Touch:

For Windows: On the Web:
  • FindFiles.com search engine.
  • GymToolz hosted system for powering a Gym's online tools for client meal tracking, scheduling, and more.
    (GymToolz is not a part of Headlight Software, but is maintained by Michael, Peter & other partners.)

Michael Burford: the programmer
Michael is the programmer for Headlight Software, and the programmer of Heads Up: Hold'em. He programmed GetRight® for Windows & FTP on the Go for iPhone among many other software products (listed above).

GetRight was the first Windows download manager tool back in 1997 and is still one of the most common download managers used today. (More history about GetRight and other programs.)

Peter Burford: the designer
First Draft Concept Heads Up: Hold'em began as an idea for a video-poker type feature for iCatchall. The idea was simply that the Mini-App would deal out 5 cards, you cold hold any you want, and then it would draw. I didn't envision that as any kind of score would be kept--it would just be a silly poker-based pastime. I then envisioned two people using the app to play 5-card draw against each other by using two iPhones.

After briefly wondering if a WiFi poker game would be cool (IT WOULD!!!) the idea then switched to the notion of playing heads up on a single iPhone using a double-sided setup.

I slapped together a quick concept image (right) and showed it to Michael. I explained the unique notion that this game would use real-world chips and leave a lot of the 'poker' up to the players. The game itself would simply be a card-dealer. And Heads Up: Hold'em was born.

The concept image looks remarkably similar to the finished product. The only main difference is that we refined the interface to the point where no 'buttons' are needed during normal game play. Also, the idea in the concept was that both players would need to select 'Deal' for the next card to be dealt--the alternating dealer deck in the final version is a much better way of progressing through the rounds a hand.