The best poker game on the iPhone got better!

Play poker anywhere.  Heads Up Holdem is three poker games in one.

Heads Up: Hold'em

    Version 3 includes:
  • 2-player Bluetooth wireless games!
  • Over 36 single-player poker challenge games
  • Over 30 unlockable awards and achievements
  • Customizable game structures
  • Improved poker Artificial Intelligence

Challenge a friend or your iPhone to a game of 1-on-1 poker.

  • It's Fast
    • Shuffling & dealing between hands takes less than two seconds.
    • Counting chips and betting is fast an easy.
  • It's easy
    • No setup needed. Just deal the cards.
    • Intuitive touch and motion-based controls keep the interface simple.
    • It has a 'feel' as close to a real game as possible.
    • Optional 'peek counter' keeps the game safe. You know if your opponent has looked at your cards!
  • It's Mobile
    • Play on a plane.
    • Play at the office.
    • Play at a restaurant.
    • Play in a park.
    • Play anywhere.
  • It's Versatile
    • 1-Player and 2-Player options lets you play against a friend or the iPhone.
    • 2 players can play wirelessly or share a single iPhone.
    • Huge selection of blind levels and starting stacks.
    • Play against twelve different computer personalities.
    • Works for tournament or cash game style play.
  • It's Safe
    • It is impossible to mark cards.
    • It is impossible to switch in a stacked deck.
    • It is impossible to hide an ace up your sleeve.
NOTE: This software is intended for entertainment purposes only. Using this software to gamble for anything of value is done so at your own risk.